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Photos: SMILF Season 2 Episode Stills + Screencaptures Update

Photos: SMILF Season 2 Episode Stills + Screencaptures Update

The gallery has been updated with photos of Frankie from Season two of SMILF. These images were episode stills and promotional images. Enjoy!

 001.jpg 004.jpg 002.jpg 002.jpg FS-SMILF201-0009.jpgFS-SMILF204-0557.jpg FS-SMILF207-0229.jpg FS-SMILF208-0275.jpg

Photos: 2019 Golden Globe Awards Events

Photos: 2019 Golden Globe Awards

Frankie attended two parties surrounding the 2019 Golden Globe Awards. She looked so lovely! I’ve added photos to the gallery. I want to thank my amazing friends, Maria, Claudia, Victoria, Kayla, Holly, for their donations and help as I have been recovering from pain and haven’t been able to come on much. Enjoy!

Photos: Big Gallery Update

Photos: Big Gallery Update

I’ve added a bunch of missing photos to the gallery including recent event additions, gorgeous photo session additions, magazine scans, and SMILF related images. I’m working on tracking down Frankie’s missing projects for the gallery (there’s not that many left to go). Enjoy!

Photos: Variety’s Power of Women Event

Photos: Variety’s Power of Women Event

Frankie was in attendance at Variety’s Power of Women event a couple of days ago. I’ve added photos of her from the event to the gallery. She looked lovely and fierce. Enjoy!

Press/Photos: Frankie for ‘W’ Magazine

Before I was an actress, I wanted to be a basketball player. Growing up in Boston, I practiced all the time. I wouldn’t leave the court unless I made 100 free throws and 100 lefty layups. My friend Phoebe and I would hustle men—we would act like we didn’t know how to play, and then we’d play two-on-two with guys and bet money. We would often win.

I went to college in New York, at Barnard, and that’s where I discovered acting. My first job was playing a waitress from Staten Island on Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Eventually, I moved to L.A. I was sick of being a broke, struggling auditioner, so I wrote SMILF.

The optics of SMILF are very autobiographical. Like my character on the show, I play basketball, and I, too, have a baby daddy who’s married to a beautiful blonde actress from Australia. But then the show veers off in a million crazy directions.

Your toddler son on the show is so cute.
Those are twin girls playing my son. They’re the most beautiful humans who have ever lived and will ever live.

Won’t it be awkward when you’re in year 20 of the show and your son looks like your daughter?
It’ll be GILF then. Grandmothers! Actually, we may want to say he was really two girls. That would be a great story to tell!

Press/Photos: Frankie for ‘Deadline’ Magazine

Deadline did a little feature of Frankie in their new issue. I’ve added scans to the gallery. It was a good read, definitely check it out. Enjoy!

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